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5LDK (5 bedrooms, living and dining rooms, kitchen), living area 125.44 m2 (or 37.94 tsubo)



Google map location:

Current configuration:

Ground floor: kitchen, dining room, living room, Japanese room (tatami) with sun-room, (toilet and bathroom)

Upper floor: 4 bedrooms, toilet (current configuration is 3 bedrooms and one office) – master bedroom and office have access to a south facing large balcony.

2 car parking in front (north side)

South facing rear garden, with patio

Designed and Built in 2000 by Tokyu Land Corp. (under the Housing Quality Assurance Act), exterior repainted in 2010

Asking price: JPY 50 million for house and land (freehold), land area 187.34 m2 (or 56.67 tsubo)

Included in the price are annually serviced major house appliances and 6 individual air conditioning units; garden furniture, goods, and shed; satellite TV system; clothes drying system built-in bathroom; security lighting, and this URL ( (Curtains and shades could be included.)

Architectural Drawing (click on image to enlarge)

South and East view

T3H Part 1.1

North and West view

T3H Part 1.2

Ground Floor Plan

T3H Part 1.3

Upper Floor Plan

T3H Part 1.4


T3H (triple3house) is prime and ideal living space, located in nicely developed quiet residential area, with good neighbors and many convenient amenities, in the town of Ninomiya-machi, in Kanagawa-ken, Japan.

From the front door one has quick and easy access to one of the world greatest public transportation system. Bus (3 minutes walk) and train station (10 minutes by bus, 25 minutes walk) are close-by making travels anywhere in Japan easy. To see how easy it is to travel in Japan using public transportation visit Japan National Tourism Organization website.

For example from Ninomiya station:

  • Yokohama Station is 40 minutes away; and, the recently renovated Tokyo Station is 1 hour away, both via direct link on Tokaido Main Line (noteworthy one can get a seat on the train from Ninomiya station);
  • Narita International Airport is 2.5 hours away via Tokyo station; and,
  • Haneda Airport is less than 1.5 hour away via Yokohama station.
  • Easy accessed all year around by Shinkansen from Odawara (15 minute away) to historical towns like Kyoto (less than 3 hours), Nara (4.5 hours), and Hiroshima (6 hours). Or from Tokyo Station to almost all points on Japan’s main islands of HokkaidoHonshuShikoku, and Kyushu.
  • Japan consists of several thousand islands, it has an extensive network of ferry routes to reach it’s most distant islands, many of which are near tropical paradise; all easily reached from Ninomiya.

T3H is nearby several major roads, such as the National Highway 1 (5 minutes), Odawara-Atami highway (5 minutes or less), and Tomei Express-way (7 or 8 minutes) from which one can travel by car to all points as Japan’s four main islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku) since they are connected with each other by bridges and tunnels.

The house (T3H) is conveniently located near 3 super markets – Seiyu (Walmart) super (500m), Yutakaraya (575m), and MaxValu (with its 100 Yen Shop – 200m) – all within walking distance.

There are kindergarten to grade 12 schools nearby:

There are several very good medical and dental clinics within easy walking distance, and large medical facilities within easy reach via public transport.

The all year around Ninomiya Public Pool – with a hot-tub and a small gymnasium – is 3 minutes walk away. Azumayama Park with its hiking trails to a spectacular view of Mount Fuji is 2.3km away and Seseragi Park with its beautiful seasonal flowering events is 550m.

Two golf clubs are close by – Lake Wood Golf Club and Hiratsuka Fujimi Country Club. You can drive or both clubs offer free transportation from Ninomiya Station.

T3H has a good view of Mount Fuji from its front door or upper floor.

The garden is very suitable to grow vegetables and fruits; we have grown tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cucumbers, garlic, and some herbs successfully every year, along with roses, daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and many others perennial flowers.)

There is a Japan Post Bank (includes post-office) 10 minutes walk (provides access to domestic and international ATM service) and several other banking facilities.

Given its great location, T3H could be a lovely family home or retirement residence expecting frequent visitors; or easily turned into a successful B&B for people wanting a pied-a-terre while exploring Japan year around.

Reasons for selling – we want to concentrate fully on our retirement life and hobbies in our new place in Sarawak, Malaysia (Borneo).


According to Peggy Sito at South China Morning Post Property, Japan has emerged as a magnet for investment in the wake of major reforms introduced with aim of boosting the economy, read all about it Tokyo seen as No 1 market in Asia Pacific for property investment in 2014


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